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  • Ask for help and accept it.

  • Set up respite care on a regular basis.

  • Make a list of all the support people that are able to help you out, such as other children, parents, neighbors, and friends.

  • Make a list of the tasks that could be done by other people, such as providing care or running errands.

  • Find out about the home health care services in your area.

  • Talk to a trusted friend or family member.

  • Encourage your loved one to do as much for themselves as possible. This will not only help you, but help your loved one to feel more in control.

  • Give yourself permission to grieve the losses in your life that you experience.

  • Learn to say "no" to things you do not want to do or that are not really necessary.

  • Take care of yourself.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet.

  • Drink enough water and other fluids.

  • Exercise regularly.

  • Go to regular checkups at the doctor and dentist.



Coping with Role Overload

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