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Questions for Home Care Providers

Questions to Ask All Home Care Providers


  • Has the caregiver been trained?

    • By whom?

    • Extent of training?

    • Does the agency train all its caregivers?

    • Does the training include education on dealing with rare diseases?


  • Have the agency’s caregivers passed criminal background checks and drug screenings, and have personal references been secured on all caregivers?


  • Are the caregivers bonded and insured? This means the company covers claims and insurance, so the homeowner is not liable should something happen.


  • Does the caregiver have workers’ compensation coverage?


  • Can you check references on the agency?


  • Does the agency offer back-up / replacement caregivers?


  • How much input will you have in selecting the caregivers?


  • What restrictions (if any) apply to the services provided?

    • Hours of service?

    • Weight restrictions?


  • How much flexibility will you have in setting a schedule for services?


  • How much notice does the agency need to begin or cancel service?


  • What is the cost of service, including:

    • Minimum hours of service per visit / week / month?

    • Special overnight rates?


  • Does the agency maintain a quality assurance or supervisory program?


  • What is the agency’s communication plan to keep families informed?


  • Does the agency require a service deposit?


  • Does the agency offer the personal care services the patient needs, like assistance with bathing, dressing, and using the bathroom?


  • Are patients’ special needs, such as language preferences, accommodated?

Additional Questions to Ask a Medical Home Care Provider:


In addition to the questions above, it’s important to ask a medical home care provider the following:


  • Is the home healthcare agency certified?


  • Does the home healthcare agency offer a full range of home healthcare services, including skilled nursing; physical, occupational and speech therapies; IV therapy; and home health aides?


  • How do you receive a referral for home healthcare agency services? A referral can be made by anyone involved in a patient’s care – physician, family or others. If someone other than a physician makes referrals, many home healthcare agencies contact the patient’s physician to approve orders for service.


  • Does the hospital discharge planner, doctor, or social worker recommend the home healthcare agency? Those recommendations can serve as a second reference.


  • Does the home healthcare agency have the staff available at night and on weekends for emergencies?


  • Where else could you find information about certified home healthcare agencies?


  • Does the home healthcare agency have staff available to provide the type and hours of care as prescribed by the physician?



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